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Bob Kryger bkryger at
Wed May 10 19:55:55 UTC 2000

I know I've seen this before and fixed it, but I can't remember now at

innd: <site> funnel_bad

I have this only on a redhat INN installation. My other installs don't
seem to have this problem.


Robert Kryger
  Edgix Corporation                   Work: bkryger at
  130 West 42nd Street                Forward: bobk_work at
  New York, NY 10036                  Home: bobk at
  Office: 212-944-9662                Cellular: 203-981-4018
  Direct: 212-277-0298                Home: 203-358-9976
  Fax: 212-398-7430

  I use AOL/Netscape Instant Messenger,
  a great tool for business and personal communication.
  Add me to your buddy list.
    Work AIM: EdgixBobK
    Home AIM: KrygerFamily

-- Binary/unsupported file stripped by Listar --
-- Type: text/x-vcard
-- File: bkryger.vcf
-- Desc: Card for Bob Kryger

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