bad article removal 2

Olaf Titz olaf at
Thu May 11 10:25:38 UTC 2000

> Anyone care to translate?


> How do I flush the articles with these bad IDs?

ctlinnd throttle
ctlinnd drop innfeed!
hand-edit the files in spool/innfeed to remove all bad MIDs
ctlinnd cancel '<mid>' for all found bad MIDs
insert something like this into filter_art in
   if (length($hdr{"Message-ID"})>240) { return "long Message-ID"; }
ctlinnd reload filter.perl
ctlinnd begin innfeed!
ctlinnd go

> <8bi5k1.3vu15jl.0 at Da-muss-ich-ja-einen-ganzen-Roman-schreiben-um-auf-420Zeichen-pro-Zeile-zu-kommen-aber-dass-muss-jetzt-einfach-sein-Im-Voraus-schonmal-Entschuldigung-an-alle-die-das-hier-fuer-kindisch-halten-aber-ich-bin-nunmal-so-und-wenn-Ina-420-Zeiche>

"I'll have to write a novel to get at 420 characters per line, but I
simply must do this now - sorry to all who think this is childish but
I am this way and when Ina 420 charact..."
[not sure what "Ina" means here]
Something cut this off at 254 characters (excluding the <>) already.

Seems that word of big-Message-ID bugs makes round in wannabe
net.terrorist circles.


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