Proposed patch: cancel channel

Russ Allbery rra at
Sun May 14 02:12:29 UTC 2000

Olaf Titz <olaf at> writes:

> I'd like to have this feature in the next INN release:
> <URL:> It greatly
> simplifies the implementation of c-nocem (the fastcancel program, which
> is getting uglier and uglier, can be retired, and no need for pausing
> the server any more).

> The idea is that for sending local cancels in bulk, the NNTP
> (unix-domain) socket is used. The client connects, sends the new command
> MODE CANCEL, waits for response (new code 284) and after that it simply
> sends all Message-IDs it wants to be cancelled. For each one it gets a
> response code 289 for success and 484 for failure. Other than the
> command protocol, this works exactly like "ctlinnd cancel".  On a TCP/IP
> socket, the MODE CANCEL command is refused, so only locally installed
> programs under the news UID can use it.

I've now committed this patch to CURRENT.  If you have a chance to write
some documentation for how to use this mode, that would be much

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