INNd and Solaris - Part II

Layne Meier lmeier at
Wed May 17 19:48:52 UTC 2000

Thank you to Paul Theodoropoulos for initially answering my question.  I
re-ran the configure routine including --with-largefiles.

Now, here's the kicker.

Does anyone know the theoretical maximum size of a large file?  When I
ran makehistory -o for the first time (of course after getting a live
active and newsgroup file put into ~news/db directory) I kept getting an
error about initializing the cycbuff.

I modified my cycbuff.conf and storage.conf files to have only 2 of my 3
cycbuffers initialized as here is what happened.

/vol1/alts is a 5.0 Gbyte cycbuff
/vol1/large is another 5.0 Gbyte cycbuff

/vol2/data is a 15 Gbyte cycbuff.

The 2 5.0 Gbyte cycbuffs were initialized (after modifying the
storage.conf file) but the 15 Gbyte cycbuff continues to receive
initialization errors.

I'd like to keep all of my alt.binaries go into the singe 15 Gbyte
cycbuff, but if I have to, I'll set things up to write to 3 5.0 Gbyte
cycbuffs instead.

Any takers on this one?

Thanks and best regards,

Layne Meier
Network/Internet Analyst
The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
A Cox Newspaper

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