Actived problem, Help !!! :-)

Michael East michael at
Thu May 18 14:17:28 UTC 2000


I've tried to run actived from the command line but i get a Segmentation

I've checked and their are no actived processes running.

Michael East

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> Hi,
> We are running INN 2.2.2 on a SuSE Linux 2.2.14 system.
> At the moment when a news reader tries to connect t the server it waits
> a few seconds then closes the connection and the following error is
> displayed in news.err:
> "ip address" NOT using actived
> read_udp: recv Connection refused
> "ip address" actived socket couldnt be read AYTACK Connection refused
> Any ideas on how to resolve the problem ?

You have running actived ? Try restart actived as news user.
Probably actived got 6 or 11 signal.

> Thanks In advance,
> Regards,
> Michael East

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