Upgrading to INN 2.3 and CNFS

Andrew Kemp andrew_kemp at pacific.net.au
Sat May 20 01:07:56 UTC 2000


We are currently experiencing problems with our news reader
which is running INN 2.2.2 and tradspool - basically it
cannot keep up with the volume of news eing thrown at

We would like to upgrade to INN 2.3 with CNFS, and when I was
following inn-workers early in INN2.x days, there were some
scripts around to migrate tradspool articles into cnfs.

Are these still available/updated for INN 2.2.2/2.3 ? Also,
is it possible to do this without destroying the spool ?

If need be, we can be slightly more ruthless on expire to free
up space. Thanks.


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