Important bug fix for OVDB

Heath Kehoe heath.kehoe at
Sat May 20 06:19:20 UTC 2000

>In article <200005190655.BAA17591 at>,
>       Heath Kehoe <heath.kehoe at> wrote;
>} This patch needs to go into both the BETA and CURRENT trees.  It fixes
>} a nasty bug where nnrpds can return the wrong OV data from an XOVER
>} command, when ovdb is being used, with nnrpdcheckart on.
>I've looked the code, and I think this can be fixed in ovdb.c
>rather than modifying nnrpd/article.c.  Could dynamically
>allocating queue for ovdbsearch fix?

Yea, but I would have to malloc memory for each OVsearch call,
which I can not free until OVclosesearch is called, because
ovdb has no way of knowing when PushIOv gets called.

I don't want the nnrpds loading OV records for an entire group
into their private memory spaces.  It's just wasteful.

If you have a better idea for how I can deal with this problem,
please suggest it.


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