CNFS and overview

Vangelis Haniotakis haniotak at
Mon May 22 11:04:35 UTC 2000


 I am running inn-STABLE-20000518, using CNFS to store articles and
overview data - the upgrade from inn-2.2.2 was done today, and 
went off without a hitch.
 Inn is running on a fully patched Solaris 7 system, and the cycbuffs 
are set to 1.8 GB each - just to be on the safe side. The rest of the
configuration is mostly out-of-the-box, doing only the required changes.

 The problem I am facing is that inn keeps adding overview
data in /news/spool/overview, while I suppose they should be
held in the cycbuffs, which would be indexed in the files under
/news/spool/uniover. The files under /news/spool/overview don't 
get expired of course, as the storage_api is set to true in inn.conf, 
so they end up eating up lots of space.

 Erasing the files under /news/spool/overview disables reading 
of the overviewd articles, so I guess that even while the overview 
line in /news/etc/newsfeeds.ctl is:


as recommended for CNFS setup, somehow those files end up holding the
overview info. 

 I have read through most of the man pages and can't find anything
that might solve my problem. Any help would be very much appreciated - 
I'll be happy to provide more info regarding my configuration.

 Thank you in advance for your time and help.

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