Is this a good ide ?

Olaf Titz olaf at
Mon May 22 18:16:57 UTC 2000

> i dunno what's "to" group for; has something with news feeding afaik.

to.SITE is used for ihave/sendme controls (or test messages, etc) to be
sent exclusively to SITE. INN can collapse all "to.*" into "to".

> "control" is for control messages, i split it to control.cancel,
> control.newgroup, control.rmgroup, control.checkgroups and the other should
> be avoided (ahh, maybe control.sendsys has a sense, but i don't think so).

Control message processing has nothing to do with existence of the
groups; if "control.sendsys" is missing sendsys will be filed into
"control" but processed nonetheless. What is done with it is defined in


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