moving cycbuf and regenerating histry and overview

Robert Milkowski milek at
Wed May 24 07:42:50 UTC 2000

	Let's say I want to run another inn instance on the same machine
(different port) for tests. Working one is Inn 2.2 and one for tests is
inn 2.3. I want to copy some cycbuffs from inn 2.2 to 2.3 (while 2.2 is
stopped) and generate history and overview in 2.3 on new (old?) cycbuffs.
When I typed makehistry -b -O I got:

May 23 23:13:43 host makehistory[15545]: CNFS-sm: Path mismatch: read
/cycs/BUFF10 for cycbuff /test/cycs/10/BUFF10

What exaclty it means? Is it using old cycbuffs for generating
overview and history?

btw: is there a fast&clean way to remoe some cycbuffs and add new ones
(bigger) without articles lost?

						Robert Milkowski
						milek at

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