realtime newsfeed monitoring?

Ilya Etingof ilya at
Wed May 24 08:02:44 UTC 2000


I've got a need to monitor my newsfeed in the realtime. I need to know
the performance of arbitrary newsfeed at arbitrary time interval
plotted in arts/sec and bytes/sec.

Yes, innreport is a great tool however it is supposed to be ran daily so
it doesn't provide realtime statistics. The innfeed.status & inn.status
gather realtime data however they do not provide a history of changes
hence I can't plot a graph using these files.

Is there already a tool for gathering and plotting newsfeed data in
the realtime? I'm thinking of something similar to flowdelay but plotting
figures on per newsfeed basis and in greater details.

Otherwise, what would be the most appropriate way of gathering a table
of newsfeed values from innd and innfeed? Perhaps, I would need
arts-offered, arts-accepted, arts-refused, arts-rejected values and maybe
the same params expressed in bytes rather then in articles.

I've looked into "checkpoint" records innd and innfeed place into log file
as of the possible source for my graph.  The only inconvinience I notice
about it so far as that innd puts checkpoint statistics for every peer 
connection separately rather then a summary for all connections to
arbitrary peer like innfeed does.

I would really appreciate any comments!


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