huge innfeed process

Igor Timkin ivt at
Wed May 24 20:34:08 UTC 2000

> Ilya Etingof <ilya at> writes:
> Currently on, the large article innfeed is consuming
> 37MB of core instead of around 8MB like the other innfeed processes.  At
> 25 articles per queue instead of 5 articles, I'd expect it to often use
> five times as much memory, which would be right in the same ballpark as
> the 250MB you're seeing.

42MB -- main peers, art.size limit 16K (~470 outgoing connections, 72 peers)
10MB -- local (Russian) peers, art.size limit 16K (~90 outgoing
           connections, 13 peers)
84MB -- all peers, art.size > 16K (73 outgoing connections, 58 peers)
last innfeed has max-queue-size=8, no-backlog=true (except some local
russian sites). All innfeeds have ~450000 seconds uptime.

2Ilya: If you have some sites with permanent backlog try set
no-backlog=true for this sites.

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