listgroup bug?

Robert Milkowski milek at
Thu May 25 15:42:01 UTC 2000

	I'm using snapshot from 18.05.2000 of inn 2.3

AS I upgraded from inn 2.2 I wanted to used cycbuffs from 2.2 in 2.3
without loosing articles.
So I edited cycbuffs to point to right path.
Make history and overview (buffindexed) and makedbz then.
Here everything works ok.
Then I look at history take some tokens and check if I can get messages
using sm tool. And it works. So run the server on port 121, telnet host
121 and enter

article message-id

where message-id is message id of article I got via sm tool.
And it works ok.

Then I typed


and got

211 Article list follows

and in logs got

nnrpd[26070]: SM could not find token type or method was not initialized

hmmm.... strange, as it is group which should contain article with message
id I chcecked just before.
As it looks like that I can't see any articles using tin....

but If I feed some articles now, it works fine... why?
Did I miss something? 

						Robert Milkowski
						milek at

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