Compile problem

Bettina Fink laura at
Thu May 25 13:43:46 UTC 2000

Russ Allbery <rra at> wrote:

> These were fixed last night; tonight's snapshot should compile.
>> art.c: In function `ARTpost':
>> art.c:2390: invalid type argument of `->'
>> art.c:2390: invalid type argument of `->'
>> art.c:2394: invalid type argument of `->'
>> art.c:2394: invalid type argument of `->'

Yes, thanks, inn-BETA-20000525 compiled fine.

Because it seems that some of my previous mails got lost some-
where in transit or the depth of your mail folders ;-), I take
the chance to summarize some collected ideas and thought public:

(Disclaimer: I don't know if some of this might already be fixed
 or implemented in the lastest snapshots, especially on the field
 of control message handling I have no experience with INN 2.3 or
 2.4 up to now.)

* newgroup messages for already existing groups are ignored instead
  of comparing the "For your newsgroups file" description against
  the newsgroups file. So tagline changes like in
  <Booster-newgroup-de.soc.familie.misc-24.4.2000 at> can not
  be observed, typos and mistakes in taglines from faulty newgroups
  can't be reversed.

* docheckgroups doesn't care about the newsgroups file. Some guys
  (especially Lutz Donnerhacke who wrote the initial version and
  Urs Janßen and Sven Paulus who did some cleanup and enhancement)
  started to write their own docheckgroups script (in perl).

  Besides checking the newsgroups file this version of docheckgroups
  is capable of checkgroups scopes (like introduced in USEFOR, see
  7.4. "chkscope").

  NOTE: Some checkgroups/perl guru needs to have a close look at
  the code.

* Have you seen Sven Paulus' patch for nnrpd volume reports?

* Some users complained in de.comm.provider.usenet that most news
  servers have more newsgroup descriptions than groups and that
  this could be annoying (download unnecessary stuff) or even
  confusing (more than one and different descriptions for the same
  group). That's true, the newsgroups file on most servers is the
  less maintained file. Some reasons why I mentioned above.
  It would be nice if nnrpd lists only descriptions for groups that
  really are in active (with flags y, m and n) on a LIST NEWSGROUPS.
  Problem: Duplicates should be eleminated (in most cases the last
  description is the correct one, but not in all, e.g. someone sorted
  the newsgroups file).
  But if docheckgroups will take care also of the newsgroups file,
  even the wrong description will only be a matter of time ...

* inn-BETA-20000525/samples/newsfeeds:

  # innfeed funnel master.
  #       :!*,\
             ^ This comma is not correct

  #       :Tc,Wnm*:/news/bin/startinnfeed

* inn-BETA-20000525/samples/INSTALL:

     If set to true then INN will support the NEWNEWS command for news
     readers.  While this can be an expensive operation, its speed has
     been improved considerably as of INN 2.3 and it's probably safe to
     turn on without risking excessive server load.  The default is

[...]/inn-BETA-20000525/samples]$ grep allownewnews inn.conf
     allownewnews:           true

* It would be nice to have the option to crypt/veil the X-Trace
  header (especially the IP of the poster's machine)

* It would be nice to have the option to switch on validity checks
  on the poster's mailing address


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