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Heath Kehoe heath.kehoe at
Thu May 25 20:23:18 UTC 2000

>* Some users complained in de.comm.provider.usenet that most news
>  servers have more newsgroup descriptions than groups and that
>  this could be annoying (download unnecessary stuff) or even
>  confusing (more than one and different descriptions for the same
>  group). That's true, the newsgroups file on most servers is the
>  less maintained file. Some reasons why I mentioned above.
>  It would be nice if nnrpd lists only descriptions for groups that
>  really are in active (with flags y, m and n) on a LIST NEWSGROUPS.
>  Problem: Duplicates should be eleminated (in most cases the last
>  description is the correct one, but not in all, e.g. someone sorted
>  the newsgroups file).
>  But if docheckgroups will take care also of the newsgroups file,
>  even the wrong description will only be a matter of time ...

I have written a simple perl script that cleans the newsgroups file.
Perhaps this functionality could be added to a perl docheckgroups.

For now, however, we could stick this in the contrib/ dir of the
INN trees.



#! /usr/bin/perl
print "do a fixscript on me to put the appropriate require line in.\n"; exit;

# This script cleans the newsgroups file:
#   * Groups no longer in the active file are removed.
#   * Duplicate entries are removed.  The last of a set of duplicates
#     is the one retained.  That way, you could simply append the
#     new/revised entries from a docheckgroups run and then this script
#     will remove the old ones.
#   * Groups with no description are removed.
#   * Groups matching the $remove regexp are removed.

# $remove='^alt\.';

open ACT, $inn::active  or die "Can't open $inn::active: $!\n";
while(<ACT>) {
    ($group) = split;
    $act{$group} = 1 unless($remove ne "" && $group =~ /$remove/o);
close ACT;

open NG, $inn::newsgroups  or die "Can't open $inn::newsgroups: $!\n";
while(<NG>) {
    ($group, $desc) = split /\s+/,$_,2;
    next unless(defined $act{$group});

    next if(!defined $desc);
    next if($desc =~ /^[?\s]*$/);
    next if($desc =~ /^no desc(ription)?(\.)?$/i);

    $hist{$group} = $desc;
close NG;

open NG, ">$"  or die "Can't open $ for write: $!\n";
foreach $group (sort keys %act) {
    if(defined $hist{$group}) {
	print NG "$group\t$hist{$group}\n" or die "Can't write: $!\n";
close NG or die "Can't close: $!\n";

rename "$", $inn::newsgroups  or die "Can't rename $ to $inn::newsgroups: $!\n";

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