Feed only locally posted articles?

Julien Oster joster+inn at soft-research.de
Sun May 28 19:06:34 UTC 2000


I'm searching for a clean way to feed some servers with articles, but only
those that come from my newsserver, not from all the other feeds.

At present, I'm helping me out by excluding every path component of my
feeds in every newsfeed-file-entry, but that's not very... well... clean.
i.e. I have to alter every entry when adding a new site.

So currently, supposing I have the feeds anewsfeed.com,
news.anothernewsfeed.org, news.coolnews.net which all have the blub.*
hierarchie, an entry in my newsfeeds might look like this:


To make it clear what I want: I want to feed articles generated on my site
to every newsfeed which has the corresponding hierarchie, but not the articles
that come from the other sites (since that would mean that I feed hundreds
of articles a day to every newsfeeds which would generate _a lot_ of
unnecessary traffic)

This is for the purpose that the articles get delivered fast and reliably.
Currently, I am only feeding to one site, but it failed recently and so it
took days till the articles went out. Also, I noticed that on some servers
(don't know why - perhaps they're using UUCP) my articles take hours or
even days and that makes them often a little bit outdated - especially on
certain topics.

Because I know that this would make my site a paradise for spammers I of
course took and will always take care that no one posts without permission
and nothing crappy gets into my newsserver or even out to the site which are
feeding me.

Oh, and I'm using innfeed for every feed, at present. The system: OpenBSD
2.6, INN 2.3latestbetasnapshot

Thanks in advance,

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