Compile problem

Bettina Fink laura at
Mon May 29 16:41:43 UTC 2000

Katsuhiro Kondou <kondou at> wrote:

> } * inn-BETA-20000525/samples/newsfeeds:
> :
> } * inn-BETA-20000525/samples/INSTALL:
> Both are just fixed.

Found another couple:

inn.conf(5)         InterNetNews Documentation        inn.conf(5)
           Whether to enable PGP verification of control messages
           other than cancel.  This is a boolean value and the
           default is false.
$ grep pgpverify /usr/local/src/inn-BETA-20000529/samples/inn.conf
pgpverify:              true

INND(8)                                                   INND(8)
       -l     To  limit  the  size  of an article, use the ``-l''
              flag.  If this flag is used, then any article  big-
              ger  than size bytes will be rejected.  The default
              is 1000000L bytes.  Checking  can  be  disabled  by
              using a value of zero.

For many other flags, the corresponding parameters in inn.conf are
mentioned in innd's man page. See "-c" -> artcutoff, "-i" -> max-
connections, "-I" -> bindaddress etc. For "-l" that's maxartsize/
localmaxartsize. This should be mentioned in innd's man page.


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