Some additional remarks on 2.3

Bettina Fink laura at
Mon May 29 21:07:16 UTC 2000


some additional remarks on INN-2.3 (BETA-20000529):

1). No sample "subscriptions" file available and no documentation
for it. I know its format and function, and it works fine if you
place one in ~news/etc, but there should be some documentation 
and a small sample (including newusers and test groups). I can
write a sample and a small piece of documentation, but only if
a native speaker assists me. ;-)

2). The documentation on overchan is a bit confusing:


| You can still use overchan if you make sure to set useoverchan to
| true in inn.conf so that innd doesn't write overview data itself,
| but be careful; innd may accept articles faster than overchan can
| process the data.

This reads like "don't run overchan".


| useoverchan
| Setting to true may be useful, if innd can not keep up with incoming
| feed and the bottle neck is creating overview data within innd.

This reads like "run overchan".

I know the small differences and dependencies, but it _might_ confuse
a newbie. Perhaps it should be made a bit more clear in what situation
it's ok/good to run overchan.

3). I'm blind or inncheck is broken:

$ inncheck
/news/etc/expire.ctl:31: malformed line.

"groupbaseexpiry" is "false".

Line 31:


I can't see anything wrong ... And no, no spaces or tabs. ;-)

inncheck has some more oddities, like complaining on unset moderator-
mailer ("modmailer has bad address"), but an unset moderatormailer is
correct and even the default.

4). samples/newsfeeds

# Send non-cancel control messages through controlchan.
#       :!*,control,control.*,!control.cancel\
#       :Tc,Wnsm:/news/bin/controlchan

Why not "!*,control*,!control.cancel"?

"control*" should match "control", shouldn't it?
5). Some things I've forgotten because I didn't made notes. ;-)


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