INN 2.3 BETA and nnrpd problems

Andrew Kemp andrew_kemp at
Mon May 29 23:45:40 UTC 2000


We are currently running inn-BETA-20000518 on BSDI 4.1 with

During the day, the nnrpd processes are approx 3.5-4.5Mb in size,
but if the user stays connected, then these bloat to approx 6+Mb in size.

As such, after running for a while, the machine starts to swap, the users
try reconnecting, and the system becomes unusable.

I was wondering if the later BETA's fix this, there is a suggestion for
compile options that can attempt to fix this ?

Also, I would prefer some guidance as to a system setup for a reader
machine that gets fed approx 25Gb news a day, has approx 300-500 readers
and can be scaled.



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