missing install.ms file

Steven Boothe steven at poiema.org
Wed May 31 01:01:47 UTC 2000

Hello and greetings to the list:

I have just downloaded, installed (rpm) and searched for the install.ms file
referred to in the FAQ:

"Subject: (1.17) Help! How do I configure this beast? 

READ AND FOLLOW THE "Install.ms" FILE. This FAQ is meant to add to what
Install.ms says not replace it. Even if a already configured or pre installed INN comes
with your OS, you should at least glance at Install.ms to see where is what and
why. "

But this file doesn't seem anywhere to be found... ? Can someone either send me
a recent incarnation of this, or point me to where I can find the same content?

Thank you very much.

Steven Boothe
steven at poiema.org

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