Chris Joelly chris at joelly.net
Fri Oct 6 15:00:32 UTC 2000


i have a curious question ;-)

i have intalled inn and have played a lot with nnrp.access, to restrict
reading and posting.

and i want the following functions to work properly:

for example, i have 3 clients.
	(client1, client2, client3)
for each client i create 3 newsgroups 
	(client1.HowTo, client1.ToDo, client1.Monitor and so on)

now i want to restrict access to these groups a follows:

the machine running inn should be able to post and read to every group.
all machines should be able to read the *.Monitor groups.
all machines should be able to read and post post to the *.HowTo, 
and *.ToDo groups, but with the correct user/pwd defined in nnrp.access 
(each client has its own user/pwd).

has anybody an idea how i can handle this access policy with 
im sitting here since 3 days and have tried many compinations, but i
cant get a working solution :-(
i hope, theres a solution ;-))

cheers, chris

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