CNFS Throttling problem

Nicole Britz inn at
Thu Oct 12 16:51:06 UTC 2000

Hello again,

Katsuhiro Kondou schickte folgendes in den Datenstrom:
> The message says what happens.  Can you show your storage.conf?

It was the one that comes with INN 2.3, I just removed the # for cnfs
and changed cycbuff.conf. 

I've solved the problem in the meantime. Wildcards can be *very* useful. ;)
But I don't understand *why* the server was _throttling_, when an article
didn't match with storage.conf. 

My storage.conf now looks like this and it seems to be working:

method cnfs {
       newsgroups: *
       class: 1
       options: BUFFY

Anything should match here. ;o)


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