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Simon Schäfer simon at
Thu Oct 12 17:34:47 UTC 2000

Katsuhiro Kondou wrote:

> } Short question though: where the heck is readers.conf ? Everybody
> } mentions it, but I definately do not have it installed - no manpage
> } readers.conf around, not the file itself etc. I ran a hardcore 'find' =
> on
> } my INN source dir, but no results. =
> $inn/samples/readers.conf
> $inn/doc/man/readers.conf.5
> -- =

That was my fault: I had chosen to install 2.2.3 originally and had to
learn the hard way that it doesn't have readers.conf with the
virtualhost-feature. Anyways, I have updated by now and it's running: and are online. There's still some finetuning
to be done - I have created two newsgroups, and, and I want people accessing only to see I put the following in readers.conf:

access virtual-access {
    users: "<virtual-domain-user>@virtual"
    newsgroups: "*"

but it doesn't work yet, you can see the whole list of groups and not
just those matching* . If someone knows immediately what's
wrong, I'd appreciate the help, but I believe reading some more manuals
wouldn't hurt for an INN-newbie... Thanks a lot for the help I've gotten
so far.


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