the old nnrp.access

Roger Martensson Roger.Martensson at
Thu Oct 19 15:16:53 UTC 2000


You all remember the "famous" nnrp.access file? Where you could set who
did what and where?

I've read the readers.conf manual up'n down(and backwards) and just
can't find where I tell what groups a specific user/groups can access?

What I found was newsgroups:. That would have been nice to add my
newsgroups wildmat to say "This is your newsgroups". But no. I've found
out(the hard way) that it's just a combined post:/read:. Sigh. 


I want a default wildmat for all users that say:
(This is just the default. I want to do even more comples wildmats for
different users/groups too)

What should I do? readers.conf doesn't help me..

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