expire and history format

Igor Timkin ivt at logger.gamma.ru
Mon Oct 23 11:42:17 UTC 2000

I look my old patches. inn will full compatable with current version
without configure option. If you want use binary history you need:
1. for existing history (this may be used for reverse binary->text
   conversion also): 
   shutdown server
   start server
2. for new installation:
   touch history
3. makehistory will be have new option (-B).

Is it look reasonable ?

current status and patch is available on http://news.gamma.ru/inn/.

Katsuhiro Kondou writes:
> In article <ylvguk1w07.fsf at windlord.stanford.edu>,
> 	Russ Allbery <rra at stanford.edu> wrote;
> } Works for me.  We'll make both of those configure options go away once we
> } have a history API and a more flexible way of choosing one's history
> } format.
> Looks reasonable to me also.
> -- 
> Katsuhiro Kondou

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