Receiving no articles

Josh Higham news at
Mon Oct 23 17:55:11 UTC 2000

Hi,  I know that is is poor form to post before lurking on the list for
awhile, but I am in a bit of a pickle.

I have a news server that has been working fairly well, but is no longer
receiving new articles, and the old admin is no longer available to fix the
problem, so I have to fix it, with about zero working knowledge (I read some
over the weekend, and poked around the server a little bit).  The machine is
using cyclical buffers, and we have in the past had some problems due to
insufficient disk space (the binaries would roll more than once/day, which
meant that the article counts would be wrong).  I decided to drop the
binaries, and had my feed stop sending them.

However, I don't see new articles when connecting to the server.  It appears
to be fine, inn.status shows 150k accepted messages, and we have a good feed
that has been working.  I believe that the problem resides in the history
file, and/or the high and low marks.

If I'm way off base, that would be good to know.  If not, I need to know how
to fix the problem.  If the easiest solution is to zero the article and
history and start 'fresh' I can do that, or if rebuilding the history file
is better, I can do that.  However, there are a lot of pieces to inn, and I
want to make sure that there are no gotchas, and I'm not certain about which
options and programs I should use.

What steps do I need to take?  I don't necessarily need specifics, even just
the program names, and the steps would be a good start.  What programs do I
stop?  What do I run.  What sort of interaction is there that might cause
problems?  I've read up on various docs, but I don't want to hose the whole
setup, which works well.

Thanks for any assistance that you can provide,


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