problems creating new groups

Frederic Choquet frederic.choquet at
Wed Sep 6 07:51:23 UTC 2000

} - I can access the group and subscribe to it but i can't post any
} article in it since i get a NNTP 437 error: Unwanted newsgroup
} ""
} What's the problem?

It means your article is rejected by innd, not nnrpd.
Doesn't nnrpdposthost in inn.conf point another host
which does not have such newsgroup?

Well, i have no nnrpdposthost configured and i don't think i need it.

In fact, i'd better tell the full story so you'll see what's wrong...

My news where hosted on a standalone IIS/NT server. I wanted to migrate on
INN/Linux (still standalone).
I configured INN as basicly as possible (Only junk and control groups, no
connection to other news server).
I started INN and it was OK.
Then i created newsgroups (thoses which existed on my IIS server) and used
Netscape to convert files from the IIS format to a format known by inn (I
saved my articles as 1,2,3... in my spool/articles corresponding
For those newsgroups, everything is OK. I can read and post from any host in
my domain as configured in my nnrp.access file (I can't cancel but i don't
realy care).
Then i had to create a new newsgroup. I did it the same way except that i
did not import files, but with this new group i have an NNTP 437 error when
i try to post.

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