Marco d'Itri md at linux.it
Thu Sep 7 10:27:39 UTC 2000

On Sep 06, "Bradley W. McNamara" <BMcNamara at zama.net> wrote:

 >I have seen commnets about IPv6 support in the mailing list archives.
 >One of them even states that there is a patch to add IPv6 support in
 >version 2.1, and says the patch is about 20KB compressed, but doesn't
 >say where, or how, the get it.  Does anybody have additional info on
Try searching for inn-2.2.1-v6-19991121 with a search engine, I found
the patch on some .jp site.

 >this patch?  Is there any update on the effort to add IPv6 support into
 >the most current release?  Thanks.
I still plan to do that, but I'll have some free time for this project
only in november.


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