inn 2.3.0 vs cnfs and tradspool

Sergey Akifiev sergey at
Sun Sep 10 10:41:05 UTC 2000

Hi, уважаемый(ая,ое)  inn-workers. Как твое ничего?

  I'v got some problems combining 'cnfs' and 'tradspool' storage
  methods. I want to store 'junk' group in spool/articles/junk. but
  inn continue to store junk articles in its cycbuffs.
  here's storage.conf:
method tradspool {
        newsgroups: "junk"
        class: 1        
method cnfs {
       newsgroups: "*, !junk"
       class: 3
       size: 0,1000000
       options: BIGAREA

i've even tried to remove 'cnfs' record from storage.conf, but inn
won't change it's behavior :-(.

what should i do to correct this?
suggestions and hints are welcome.

Beast regards,
 Sergey                          mailto:sergey at

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