2.2.2 feed not cooperating

Scott Balmos sbalmos at actd-gw1.dyn.dhs.org
Sun Sep 10 17:28:56 UTC 2000

Greetings all,

I'm trying to set up a full feed from an old news server to a new news
server, both running 2.2.2 under Mandrake Linux 7.1. The new server has
absolutely no groups created, save for the default control ones, etc, and
is basically plain-vanilla save for the usual changing of the addresses
and such in inn.conf.

I have configured a tunnel feed from the old server to the new one. The
old server connects fine to the new system, as reported by both syslog and
netstat. However, the old system never sends a single article. The
connection remains completely idle.

Can someone assist in this matter? Thanks!

--Scott Balmos
sbalmos at actd-gw1.dyn.dhs.org

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