inn 2.3.0 vs cnfs and tradspool

Sergey Akifiev sergey at
Mon Sep 11 04:27:06 UTC 2000

Hi, уважаемый(ая,ое)  Katsuhiro. Как твое ничего?

Sunday, September 10, 2000, 11:15:10 PM, you wrote:
KK> } i've even tried to remove 'cnfs' record from storage.conf, but inn
KK> } won't change it's behavior :-(.
KK> } 
KK> } what should i do to correct this?

KK> When storage.conf is modified, innd needs to be restarted.
KK> Did you do it?

sure i did.
do you know, where does inn stores location of posted articles?

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