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Sergey Akifiev sergey at road.omskelecom.ru
Mon Sep 11 04:20:11 UTC 2000

Hi, уважаемый(ая,ое)  inn-workers. Как твое ничего?

> Alas, the machine with my copy of INN-current on it is down right now, but if
> I remember correctly, there's an option named something like "storeonxref"
> that forces the storage manager to make its decision on storage based on
> the Xref: line instead of Newsgroups:.  You probably need to set this to
> true, since "junk" is one of those funny cases like control.* where the
> article gets "stored" elsewhere than its original newsgroup, so the
> Newsgroups: line would say what the original newsgroup was and Xref: would
> say junk.

Here's example of article headers, which i got from junk area by
meaning of outlook. i think, it looks fine.

Path: ugai-test.uvd-omsk.su!f31.n5004.z2!f6.n5004.z2!omsktown.ru!f6.n5004.z2!f48.n5004.z2!not-for-mail
Newsgroups: junk
Distribution: local
X-Comment-To: Mike Mahrov
From: Irishka Rymar <Irishka_Rymar at p1.f48.n5004.z2.fidonet.org>
Date: Fri, 08 Sep 00 18:34:13 -0600
Subject: у ДОЕН ЧБpЕОШС!
Message-ID: <968441782 at p1.f48.n5004.z2>
References: <968409617 at p600.f6.n5004.z2>
X-FTN-MSGID: 2:5004/48.1 39b93fb6
X-FTN-REPLY: 2:5004/6.600 39b8c211
X-FTN-RealName: йpЙЫЛБ тЩНБpШ
X-FTN-TID: FastEcho 1.46.1 22319357
X-FTN-Tearline: GoldED/W32 3.0.1    [Team рСФОЙГБ уЕОФСВpШ 08 2000, 19:34]
X-FTN-Origin: юЕpФ╦ОПЛ У РХЫЙУФЩН ИЧПУФПН (2:5004/48.1)
X-FTN-SEEN-BY: 5004/6 31 48
X-FTN-PATH: 5004/48 6
X-FTN-PATH: 5004/31
Lines: 14
Xref: ugai-test.uvd-omsk.su junk:53

[ ... /dev/null ... ]

Beast regards,
 Sergey                          mailto:sergey at road.omskelecom.ru

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