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Heath Kehoe heath.kehoe at
Tue Sep 12 05:37:01 UTC 2000

>okay, with ovdb, innd has to be running in order to rebuild ... what about

Not exactly true... 'dbprocs' must be running (or, in the CURRENT snapshots,
it's 'ovdb_monitor' instead).

>buffindexed?  can the server be running while doing the rebuild, or does
>innd have to be down?
>I'm liking the features that ovdb is providing, the ability to check stats
>and whatnot, so will most likely be moving my large server to it when I
>get a new drive ... one major disadvantage of ovdb vs buffindexed is
>(unless I'm missing something), ovdb can't span file systems ... for
>5million articles, it says you need 5.5gig, and unless I'm missing
>something, that means 5.5gig on one file system ... my news server right
>now is 10million articles, so barin gany other growth, to go to ovdb, I
>will need to dedicate ~10gig of contiguous file system just for overviews,
>instead of spreading it over multiple spindles :(

If you have some way to stripe or raid or whatever your multiple spindles
into one big filesystem, that's the best way to get your needed 10gig.


There's a way to put the data files in different places, but it's kind of
a hack, and I havn't actually tried it.  You can place a file named DB_CONFIG
in your overview directory.  In that file, you can list directories that
libdb will search when it goes to open a database.  This functionality is
provided by the db library, and not by ovdb itself.

For example, let's say you have pathoverview set to "/mnt/overview"; and you
had four additional filesystems mounted on "/mnt/ov?".  You would create a
file "/mnt/overview/DB_CONFIG" containing the following lines:

DB_DATA_DIR /mnt/overview
DB_DATA_DIR /mnt/ov1
DB_DATA_DIR /mnt/ov2
DB_DATA_DIR /mnt/ov3
DB_DATA_DIR /mnt/ov4

(This is valid for 2.7.7.  For 3.1.17, replace "DB_DATA_DIR" with "set_data_dir").

Distribute your ovNNNNN files into the four filesystems.  (say, 8 each).
When called upon to open a database file, the db library will look for it in
each of the specified directories (in order).  If said file is not found, one
will be created in the first of those directories.

Whenever you change DB_CONFIG or move database files around, make sure
all news processes that use the database are shut down first (including


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