From: address parsing problem

José Carlos Ramírez Pérez JoseCarlos.Ramirez at
Tue Sep 12 10:12:06 UTC 2000

Hello all.

I've got a problem with INN 1.7.2-4.1 (the latter is the Debian package
version number) in my news server, which should have been very common
(at least on internationalized sites) but until now I've not been able
to find any bug report or fix about this matter. The fact is that I'm
trying to post a message and I'm getting the following error from
Netscape's messenger:

A News (NNTP) error occurred:
From: address not in Internet syntax

My user name is "Jos=E9 Carlos Ram=EDrez P=E9rez" (with accents) and my e=
address is JoseCarlos.Ramirez at When I change both to be
"Jose Carlos Ramirez Perez" and cramirez at for example, I can
post the message.

I've also discovered some weird behaviour with that: for example, when
the first word of the user's real name doesn't have any special
characters AND the e-mail user name doesn't have the middle point, the
message is also accepted. The problem is that the first case (accents +
middlepoint) is very common in my enterprise so I can't make all the
users to change their e-mail address or name only because a problem with
the news server.

It seems there's a bug in the From: address parsing. With the
MIME encoding of the headers the word "Jos=E9" is translated to i.e.
=3D?iso-8859-1?Jos=3DE8?=3D and INN doesn't seem to accept these characte=

Is this a known problem? How can I disable the From: address validity

Thanks in advance.

Jos=E9 Carlos Ram=EDrez P=E9rez
Isotrol (Seville, Spain)

JoseCarlos.Ramirez at

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