From: address parsing problem

José Carlos Ramírez Pérez JoseCarlos.Ramirez at
Wed Sep 13 06:39:11 UTC 2000

"Forrest J. Cavalier III" wrote:

> > Is this a known problem? How can I disable the From: address validity=

> > checking?
> I have a testbed for INN functions, and your From address
> processes fine using INN 1.5.1 code, (which should be
> the same code in INN 1.7)
> Perhaps the client is not configured properly, or is
> otherwise not giving the From address you expect it is.
> Please don't disable the check.  It should work fine as
> it is.  Basically it finds what is inside <>, and makes
> sure there is a '@' and a '.' in the part after the '@'.
> As long as the mailbox address is in angle brackets, it
> doesn't matter what appears before it.
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Thank you Forrest for your answer. As far as I know, the failure is shown=

with different versions of Netscape's Messenger and with different user
setups. Please note that there must be a user's real name with accents
before the e-mail address in the From: header. Maybe it is a
configuration/compilation problem in the building of the Debian package?
Here follows the conversation between client and server so you can check
if the client is operating properly:

[0.006 - Server connected]
<=3D=3D 200 InterNetNews NNRP server INN 1.7.2
08-Dec-1997 ready (posting ok).
<=3D=3D 200 InterNetNews NNRP server INN 1.7.2
08-Dec-1997 ready (posting ok).
<=3D=3D 501 Bad command use
=3D=3D> LIST
<=3D=3D 215 Newsgroups in form "group high low flags".
<=3D=3D control 0000000010 0000000010 y
<=3D=3D junk 0000000000 0000000001 y
<=3D=3D alt.test 0000000013 0000000007 y
<=3D=3D isotrol.proyectos.sares 0000000001 0000000002 y
<=3D=3D isotrol.proyectos.mrtge 0000000003 0000000004 y
<=3D=3D isotrol.proyectos.internet 0000000000 0000000001 y
<=3D=3D isotrol.anuncios.ofertas 0000000000 0000000001 y
<=3D=3D 0000000018 0000000019 y
<=3D=3D 0000000001 0000000002 y
<=3D=3D 0000000003 0000000004 y
<=3D=3D isotrol.anuncios.documentos.desastre 0000000002 0000000003 y
<=3D=3D isotrol.anuncios.generales 0000000003 0000000004 y
<=3D=3D 0000000003 0000000004 u
<=3D=3D .
=3D=3D> GROUP alt.test
<=3D=3D 211 6 7 13 alt.test
=3D=3D> GROUP control
<=3D=3D 211 1 10 10 control
=3D=3D> GROUP junk
<=3D=3D 211 0 0 0 junk
=3D=3D> GROUP alt.test
<=3D=3D 211 6 7 13 alt.test
=3D=3D> XOVER 7-13
<=3D=3D 224 data follows
<=3D=3D 7 Pruebi ! Antonio Luis Delgado =3D?iso-8859-1?Q?Gonz=3DE1lez?=3D=

<aldelgado at> Mon, 11 Sep 2000 14:07:21 +0200
<39BCCAF9.58F605B7 at>  567 2 Xref: alt.test:7
<=3D=3D .
=3D=3D> POST
<=3D=3D 340 Ok
=3D=3D> Message-ID: <39BF1BEE.75134C82 at>
=3D=3D> Date: Wed, 13 Sep 2000 08:17:19 +0200
=3D=3D> From: =3D?iso-8859-1?Q?Jos=3DE9?=3D Carlos
=3D=3D>      <JoseCarlos.Ramirez at>
=3D=3D> Reply-To: cramirez at
=3D=3D> X-Mailer: Mozilla 4.74 [en] (X11; U; Linux 2.2.4 i686)
=3D=3D> X-Accept-Language: en
=3D=3D> MIME-Version: 1.0
=3D=3D> Newsgroups: alt.test
=3D=3D> Subject: Test message
=3D=3D> Content-Type: text/plain; charset=3Diso-8859-1
=3D=3D> Content-Transfer-Encoding: quoted-printable
=3D=3D> Hello! I'm Jos=3DE9 Carlos Ram=3DEDrez P=3DE9rez.
=3D=3D> .
<=3D=3D 441 From: address not in Internet syntax

The last test I've done is with a INN 2.2.2 installed on a RedHat machine=

and it seems to work perfectly. I'm going now to make a test upgrading IN=
on my server to see if this will solve the problem.

Thank you again and best regards!

Jos=E9 Carlos Ram=EDrez P=E9rez
Isotrol (Seville, Spain)

JoseCarlos.Ramirez at

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