inn-2.3.x and ReliantUNIX 5.44

Winfried Magerl winfried.magerl at
Fri Sep 15 13:08:49 UTC 2000

Hi together,

I had some problems compiling INN-2.3.x on ReliantUNIX 5.44. ReliantUnix
is a SVR4-Clone running on a mips-proc's.
To make it clear: I do not want to get full support for some specials
		  of ReliantUNIX !
But I think there are a view minor changes which may help other systems too.

	depends on the availabilty of random()
	I use random.c from gawk-3.0.6 to fix this. On ReliantUNIX
	only drand48 and rand/srand are available.

	depends on the availability of bzero(). I make a simple fix
	by adding the following to ident.c:
	#ifndef bzero
	#define bzero(s, n)    memset ((s), 0, (n))

	depends on getpagesize() but on ReliantUNIX only sysconf()
	is available (autoconf detects it fine). I have no problem
	with buffindexed.c and cnfs.c because they use HAVE_GETPAGESIZE
	from autoconfig to use sysconf() instead getpagesize().

	nice work !
	run's nice with 64Bit-filepointer and since inn-STABLE-20000914
	is working fine (I'm not realy sure what the line "$val =~ s/\+//;"
	does but after this change cnfsttat jumps from 3.00GByte per disk
	to 3.xxGByte which looks more reasonable).

best regards and thank you for listening


Winfried Magerl - Internet Administration
Siemens Business Services, 81739 Munich, Germany
Internet-Mail: Winfried.Magerl at

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