control messages prroblem

antonio.coloma at antonio.coloma at
Sat Sep 30 06:30:48 UTC 2000

We have config. an inn 2.2.2 and we have a problem with control
messages. Thats our conf:

1.- INN with cnfs storage.
2.- control messages (newgroup and rmgroup) go well, but not cancel
when I send a cancel message, inn return me : Article posted, and
the article is erased from server, but when I do:

# Once I have canceled a message from

#telnet innserver 119
<211 2 1 2
<211 Article list follows
>head 2
<Bad Article Number

Really article 2 has been removed by a control message, but in
listgroup the article is showed yet.

=BFDo you know why is this happening?

PD: I accept in control.ctl all actions and doit!!!

Thanx a lot.

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