First post: How do I rename a newsgroup?

Michael Coxe mc at
Thu Apr 5 23:16:41 UTC 2001

Hi, I've been scouring the inn-workers archives for an answer 
but only came up with one cryptic suggestion:

From: Katsuhiro Kondou <kondou
>} What I *want* to do  :
>} o- re-structure the newsgroups on the Solaris box (
>}      how do I re-name a newsgroup ??)
>If those are on tradspool, rename in Newsgroups and Xref
>header for all articles in that group, change group name
>in active and recreate overview data.  For other storage
>method, it's not easy.

I searched elsewhere on the net for renaming instructions, in 
the 2.x FAQ and in the Managing Usenet book but this seems 
to be a seldom task for news admins. Help...

INN server situation: Standalone INN 2.3.1 server [Solaris 5.7] 
using tradspool, whose current purpose is to act as an archive 
for Listproc lists injected through mail2news. There are no feeds
in or out, and only a few postable "local" groups. Occasionally 
the Listproc mailing list names are changed with a corresponding 
need to change the newsgroup name.

My situation: couple of months of INN experience (who till now
missed this opportunity in 13 years of UNIX admin fun), and not
at all sure how to "recreate overview data". 

Could I get a detailed procedure?

 - michael coxe, Loudcloud   <mc at>

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