a group for admins only ?

Zenon Panoussis oracle at xs4all.nl
Sat Apr 7 20:12:16 UTC 2001

Patrick Amirian skrev:

> with inn, is it possible to have a group where only admins can post and
> others can read ?

access "users" {
     users:      "*"
     read:       "*,!control*,!junk"
     post:       "*,!local.admin.*"

access "admins" {      #(that's what it should be in my previous posting too,
     users:      "*"   #not "users")
     read:       "*"
     post:       "*"

> is it possible to force the clients to read those messages ?

Yes. You can install 
http://ccl.osc.edu/cca/software/UNIX/mail2news/news2mail.html.shtml , 
create a mailing list of all your users and have mail2news forward 
the admin postings to the mailing list. Except that it's much easier 
to just post to the admin group and BCC the mailing list at the 
same time, so you get both the "forced" reading and your message 
archived on the news server.

> one last question,
> I'm not using inn as an ISP but is this software solid enough for ISP use ?
> I've been aware of the existance of inn for a long time but never actually
> never used it before.

No other news server is used as much by ISPs as INN is.


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