Filesystem Hierarchy Standard patch

Marco d'Itri md at Linux.IT
Tue Apr 10 22:53:12 UTC 2001

On Apr 07, James Ralston <qralston+ml.inn-workers at> wrote:

 >> Since I remember using INN on linux, distributions installed inn
 >> files in /{etc,var,lib,spool}/news, which are perfectly good names.
 >> I wonder why you propose to break current systems and traditional
 >> paths.
 >Whether certain subdirectories are called "inn" or "news" is arbitrary
 >to a certain degree.  Also, the location of the subdirectory itself
And because it's arbitrary, changing a long time tradition without good
reason it's a bad idea.

 >I thought that /etc/inn was a more appropriate FHS default than
 >/etc/news; similarly for /usr/lib/inn versus /usr/lib/news.  However,
 >I'm flexible on that; if the consensus here is that it would be better
 >to use "news" for subdirectory names everywhere, we can change the
The goal of FHS is not to invent new beautiful paths, but to document
usage (look at what happened with /var/state).

 >defaults that --with-fhs-dirs picks.  I wanted to provide maximum
 >flexibility to package builders, but at the same time provide a simple
 >mechanism to get reasonable FHS defaults.
I see no reason for people installing the program without a packaging
system to use FHS paths.


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