innfeed not offering new posts

Emily Hall-Girard ehallgirard at
Wed Apr 11 17:52:45 UTC 2001


Yes, I am still struggling with the innfeed configuration between my two
internal servers. At this point I have successfully connected using innfeed:

 upstream innfeed[13993]: connected
 upstream innfeed[13993]: remote MODE STREAM

but the upstream server is not offering new posts to the downstream server.
I can see the server accepting a new post from a user in the news.notice log

upstream innd: localhost:16 closed seconds 0 accepted 1 refused 0 rejected 0
duplicate 0 accepted size 801 duplicate size 0

but there is no record of it offering the new post to the down stream
servers. There is also no record of an article being offered in the down
stream server's log files nor any record of rejecting posts or connections
from the upstream server.

The newsfeed file entries are as follows:


The innfeed.conf file entry is as follows: {

I thought that I had followed the documentations' instructions to the
letter, but evidentially I have overlooked something rather important. Any
insights would be welcome.

Thank you,
Emily Hall-Girard
AT Corp.
ehallgirard at

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