headfeed to diablo

Chan Kovin kovinchan at yahoo.com.hk
Thu Apr 12 03:07:28 UTC 2001


I checked the headfeed in INN seems ok but found
nothing in diablo reader by using innxmit -d -H
<reader host> <headfeed file>, nothing received in
reader, no log in news.notice and nothing in

what overview method you are using in INN?

 --- Marco d'Itri <md at linux.it> 的郵件內容: > 
> On Apr 10, Chan Kovin <kovinchan at yahoo.com.hk>
> wrote:
> BTW, I haven't read other comments about my patch,
> has it been
> committed?
>  >1. how do you config newsfeeds file in INN
> (feeder)?
> Like an usual nntpsend feed.
> You can't use the stock nntpsend because it does not
> support the -H
> option, you have to patch it or write a trivial
> script which renames the
> batch file and runs ctlinnd flush on it.
>  >2. how can I vertify the flag -H of innxmit work?
> You'll see the articles flowing in the news.debug
> log.
>  >3. and I found many 'overview byte error' in log
> at
>  >reader side(diablo) during running dreaderd..
> If you mean "Incorrect overview byte order", then
> it's an internal
> dreaderd error which is not related to the program
> you use to feed it.
> Looks like you moved the spool between two different
> architectures.
> -- 
> ciao,
> Marco

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