items in LIBDIR (related to FHS patch)

James Ralston qralston+ml.inn-workers at
Tue Apr 17 06:43:41 UTC 2001

Currently, the following items wind up in libdir when INN is


I was pondering what to do with these files in terms of FHS
compliancy.  The conclusion I reached is that I think only libinn.a
and libstorage.a truly belong in libdir, regardless of whether the
--enable-fhs-dirs option is given:

    docheckgroups is a program meant to be manually invoked by the
    news user; it should be in BINDIR. is (essentially) a configuration file; it should
    be in ETCDIR.

    The innshellvars* files are also (essentially) configuration
    files; they should all be in ETCDIR.

Does anyone disagree?

If not, I will fold the changes necessary to make the above
relocations into my FHS patch.

James Ralston, Information Technology
Software Engineering Institute
Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, PA, USA

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