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Thu Apr 19 11:15:34 UTC 2001

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| Ok, then.  I'll make these be the FHS defaults:
|     /usr/lib/libinn.a
|     /usr/lib/libstorage.a

  This probably should become innstorage, it's much too likely a choice
for other applications. If it can bite you it will bite you, and all that.
|     /usr/lib/news/
|     /usr/lib/news/innshellvars
|     /usr/lib/news/
|     /usr/lib/news/innshellvars.tcl

  I will repeat my comment that /usr/lib/inn would be a choice less
likely to comflict with system having other news software (like feeds
from CNN, etc) and that distributions wanting to use /usr/lib/news for
INN can install a single symbolic link to make news point to INN.

  By the same token, existing distributions which have been inviting
problems for years can do a link the other way and point /usr/lib/inn to
/usr/lib/news if they want. I think the default should be to try and
avoid causing a conflict.
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