ctlinnd renumber '' catch 22

David L. Nicol david at kasey.umkc.edu
Fri Apr 20 03:43:45 UTC 2001


my active file is grossly misnumbered, so inn will not run.

But when I try to run ctlinnd renumber '' to renumber the
active file, it complains that innd is not running.

Why does ctlinnd need to have a working innd to renumber the
active file?  Can it not access the storage interface on its own?

Why doesn't finding that the filename already exists in
a tradspool-stored group trigger a renumbering of that group, instead
of shutting everything down?  Would that be that hard to do?

--- and, several hours later ---

after renumbering, I still get SMstore: article already exists errors.
ctlinnd renumber does _NOT_ set the high-water-mark according to what
is in the directory.  Could this be a file system problem?  Or is
ctlinnd renumber referring to the history file rather than changing
to the directory and running an internal equivalent of

	ls | sort -n | tail -n 1

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