What is the recommendation for setting up two innd servers to work together

Lisa Ungar lungar at us.ibm.com
Mon Apr 23 14:27:22 UTC 2001


I have been reading Elena Samsonova's How-To's documentation.

I see that in the Inn Architecture Guide that there are various ways of
configuring the setup.

There are 2 machines which we want to setup.

One solution Have the 2 machines feed each other, since we want them to
have the same articles.

I saw in an earlier append that one needed to work with both the active
files as well as the history file to make sure that the servers stay in
synch and feed.

Second solution:is the Distributed Architecture with Replication mentioned
in the Architecture Guide.

In the second solution is it possible, have the reader become a backup
feeder if there is a problem with the initial feeder machine?  The reader
machine is where we want every to access the articles and submit requests
for new groups.  This machine will be available 24 hours.

The feeder is where one could submit their posts to replicate to the
reader, except when it is not available

Also how often can one run the actsync command?  If the a new group gets
created on the feeder, how can they lose the first day of articles, if the
new group has not appeared on the reader server yet?

We setup a test situation between two machines to see if we could feed the
one server from the other using innfeed, except we couldn't get the nntpget
command to work for retrieving earlier  articles.  We set the artcutoff to
a number higher then 10.

Should we be using th e xrefslave option in inn.conf?  What is the
recommendation?  I am currently using the 2.3.0 version of the INN and the
other site is using 2.2.2 but will be updating to 2.3

Thanks for your help,


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