patch for nnrpd-slaves mounting spool ro via NFS (tradindexd)

S.P.Zeidler spz at
Mon Apr 23 17:54:33 UTC 2001

Thus wrote Marco d'Itri (md at Linux.IT):

> On Apr 23, Mattias Pantzare <pantzer at> wrote:
>  >> OTOH people in (me too) use a netapp for everything
>  >> and don't need this patch, so maybe the server side of it should be
>  >> described as a solaris-specific workaround.
>  >Probably not. Do you access the spool from 2 or more nfs-clients? If you mount 
>  >the NFS filesystem from only one computer then it shoud work just like a local 
>  >disk.
> Yes, I have one machine writing to the netapp and five nnrpd boxes (some
> linux, some solaris).

I'd suspect that it's rather an artefact of having the spool local to the
(tradspool) writer [x], but alas I can't test the current Solaris setup with
NFS mounted overview spool. I think I'll try without server patch on 
NetBSD and see what I get, but that may take next weekend to happen. 

kind of bulky ;-)

kind regards,

[x] an mmap, and Solaris
spz at (S.P.Zeidler)

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