ctlinnd renumber '' catch 22

David L. Nicol david at kasey.umkc.edu
Mon Apr 23 23:43:15 UTC 2001

Scott Gifford wrote:
> "David L. Nicol" <david at kasey.umkc.edu> writes:
> [...]
> > Why does ctlinnd need to have a working innd to renumber the
> > active file?  Can it not access the storage interface on its own?
> ctlinnd just sends commands to the running INN server.  It doesn't
> have much logic in it beyond how to send commands to and receive
> responses from INN's control socket.
> -------ScottG.

Thanks.  After sending my question I discovered the "reject"
command, which is I guess what is required at such a time.

I think I remember `ctlinnd renumber` working during a throttle
with earlier versions.  did this change?

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