items in LIBDIR (related to FHS patch)

Marco d'Itri md at Linux.IT
Tue Apr 24 21:29:51 UTC 2001

On Apr 24, James Ralston <qralston+ml.inn-workers at> wrote:

 >That directly violates the FHS, though.  FHS version 2.1, section 4.4:
Nobody complained so far (not a great argument, I know).
I don't think moving the binaries is worth the trouble.

BTW, I belive the reference to shell scripts it's about shell scripts
written by users, not about scripts which are parts of a package.
Otherwise I could not see the point of considering different things the
programs executed by binary programs and shell scripts.

 >> This is badly broken. Files are renamed from tmp to incoming, so
 >> it's usually a subdirectory of incoming.
 >Nowhere in INSTALL is it documented that files are renamed from TMPDIR
 >to SPOOLDIR/incoming.  I just made a quick scan of inn-CURRENT, and I
 >didn't spot any obvious renames out of TMPDIR.  Is this actually still
 >the case?
Yes, it is.

 >Unless componenets of INN are going to assume that TMPDIR is on the
 >same filesystem as SPOOLDIR/incoming, I don't think TMPDIR should be
 >located there.  The vast majority of INN's uses of TMPDIR are not
 >related to news article per se, so TMPDIR properly belongs under
 >/var/lib/news somewhere.
I don't think so. /var/lib is usually a small file system which is
backed up, I would not put temp files here. A temp file is nearest to
the /var/spool definition.


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