64 bit coding

Dan Foster dsf at gblx.net
Wed Apr 25 00:38:44 UTC 2001

Hot Diggety! Alex Kiernan was rumored to have written:
> I've successfully built/run on 64 bit Solaris (an LP64 model), the
> only problems I had were with Berkeley DB (which used to die every
> night during expire with an internal LSN error).
> Certainly linting it w/ 64 bit options is kinda noisy and whilst there
> were some trivial ones, there were a lot of warnings which would need
> pervasive changes to fix properly.

I'm curious what kind of things would need to be fixed properly from what
you've seen?
> What source are you building from? I can't find a "char *result"
> anywhere in the -current or -stable trees (and I don't see the
> assumption in the fragment you've posted either).

That one was from the 16 February CURRENT sources -- I tend to work with
a particular code base once it looks good. However, I'll be sure to try
it with the latest CURRENT sources as of today.


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